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Checked Out in Pink Playsuit

Checked Out in Pink Playsuit

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The perfect blend of style, sustainability, and functionality. This suit may just be your new best friend. Surf in it, swim in it, run in it, take a nap in it for all we care. Made with Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene, this super soft and stretchy piece will leave you looking & feeling like the damn queen you are.

  • Second Skin Fit: This wetsuit slips right on with its soft & silky form fitting neoprene. Feels like a hug you can carry with you all day long
  • Sustainable Materials: Our pink checkered wetsuit is made from eco-friendly 2mm Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene
  • Comfortable:  Super-LIGHT, Super-SOFT, Super-STRETCH
  • Insulation: Guarantees the assurance of high heat insulation & warmth while staying lightweight & low water absorption
  • UV Protection: This tiny but mighty 2mm piece is high UV ray resistant due to the strength and complexity of Limestone
  • Model shown wearing a size 2

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